Openvpms Veterinary Practice Management


Openvpms MyBIZNET

Openvpms veterinary practice management software can be hosted onsite or cloud.

MyBIZNET Onsite hosting is where we will provide a server environment, both hardware and software, and place that equipment on your site. The advantages are

Speed is the best it can be since all of the hardware and software are local to your business and do not require the bottleneck of an internet connection.

Reduced risk of disconnection from Openvpms. The internet exposes any business that relies on services delivered over it to the risk of no connection. Between any business and its ISP and then your cloud service will be a multi tiered hardware environment including cables, routers, switches or wireless towers. All of these devices and connections are beyond your/our control. We have all heard the horror stories of someone digging up a fibre cable and leaving business without a connection for some time. The risk is low however it is there and needs to be considered if the application is vital to the running of your Veterinary Practice.

All hardware and software is fully supported on a fixed rate plan. We can, if you wish, also manage your local network (LAN) also for a fixed rate.

Contact us for more information on Openvpms onsite hosting.