Legal Practice Support

Dear Practitioner

My experience is that smaller legal practices don’t obtain access to the services that larger partnerships do even though small practices need those services just as much. In many cases the services required are just too costly. These systems are designed to reduce paper, spread workload and simplify access to records as well as securing those records for the required period. Time to introduce the Legal Practice Support Package (LPSP). The LPSP provides small practices with all of those important benefits at a small outlay that will put a smile on your face.

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Benefits Summary of the Legal Practice Support Package

  1. Management of cases in a digital format making all information available anywhere you happen to be via an internet connection. This also means that your Legal Secretary can work from home if there is a need and of course you can also work from home in those instances.
  1. With the agreement of other participating solicitors we can provide access to Legal Secretaries as a pooled resource making it more economical for each Solicitor as well as helping retain a valuable employee. Further down the road we may also supply this resource as a third party and separate service. This services is dependant on participants.
  1. Archiving of completed cases. Currently solicitors I know archive completed cases by storing large volumes of paper in a storage facility for the required period. We can improve on this by storing completed cases on DVD (which is write once so cannot be modified). This medium will last considerably longer than paper. These can be stored on my site greatly reducing the cost of a storage facility (if that’s what you are doing). If it’s the case that there is some requirement to keep the paper then you would still use the digital storage as a guarantee of access since paper stored for years can be subject to a number of factors that could render it unreadable such as infestation or water damage.
  1. All data is stored locally in a secure environment. Not scrutinised for commercial gain.

Of course we keep in mind that smaller operations have tighter budgets and fees are constructed with this in mind. In terms of archiving we include the transfer to DVD and storage for 60 completed cases from the digital platform per annum in our basic fee structure.

This document is a broad outline. I would be very happy to discuss the LPSP (and why OneDrive and Google Drive or email are not ideal document storage for legal practices) with any interested party.