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Our Goal is to be the best and most cost effective technology partner to our customers.

We are in business just like you and understand what it is to rely on technology to produce income and profit. We communicate in plain English. We understand the people side of technology and we have decades of business experience. We build and manage stable reliable technology systems for business. After 37 years in Business and Information Technology we understand what it is to be cost effective for our customers and we strive to build long term relationships. We will help you determine the right blend of subscription based cloud services and on site services for your business to match the goals of effectiveness and efficiency.

We have no wish to be big or biggest or bigger than anyone so as a consequence we will only support a certain number of businesses so if you like what you read we would like to talk to you. Contact Us at  bizhelp@mybiznetonline.com




Information Technology that Works.

MyBIZNET ABN 36 651 913 545

2 thoughts on “What We Do

  1. “Prior to changing to MyBIZNET as a hosting solution for our school Moodle we had many issues where the whole system crashed and data was lost. It took months to get the Moodle up and running again. During this down time as a school we looked at an alternative hosting solution and came across MyBIZNET. MyBIZNET has provided our school with a reliable and high quality Moodle that has never failed. MyBIZNET has at all times supported any advancement we required and has been 100% reliable. This has encouraged the staff at our school to further use Moodle as a learning system for our students. I would highly recommend MyBIZNET to any educational institution who is looking for a 21st century solution to their IT problems with a highly professional approach in meeting the needs and requirements of learning communities.”

    Sondra Munro
    Newcastle High School

  2. “ Our IT infrastructure is critical to our business success and by regularly maintaining a healthy IT system we have experienced no downtime or loss of data integrity since moving to MyBIZNET. This has allowed us peace of mind in terms of system reliability and improved our business efficiency through uptime and operator interface”

    Craig Hagan
    Managing Director
    Interlink Management Services Pty Limited
    Unit 12
    311 Hillsborough Road
    | T 02 4954 0022 | F 02 4954 0377 | M 0402 168 707 |

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